The strip begins

Had a bit of a sort out in the garage over the last couple of days trying to make some more room, it's only a single garage and with work bench, pushbikes, motorbike, lawnmower and all the other usual stuff that accumulates in a garage it's all a bit tight, it's all the room I've got so i shall have to make the most of it.

Yesterday i started on removing the interior from the car in preparation for the body removal and whilst a lot (or all of it !) of the trim is in need of replacement I've made a point of not throwing anything away as i will need them for templates later on. So out it all came, the roll cage, dashboard, trim, steering, pedal assembly, seat pods and it's all now in the loft out of the way. Beyond the dash it's a bit of a "spaghetti" with all the wiring, it appears to be all labelled but haven't had chance to study it yet to see if it makes sense. Had a look at the fibreglass inside the car and i can see why it's a lightweight, it does look very thin in places behind the seat pods and some cracks to the fibreglass transmission tunnel cover, this will be a ideal place to learn some new glass fibre skills with some out of sight flat areas to work on.

Next on the "bit to remove" list will be the doors but i need roll the car back out of the garage for this and more importantly i need to know if the doors will go through the loft hatch and out of the way for storage, that loft is going to come in handy.

After that i will be ready to remove the body from the chassis so i can really get to the bare bones of the car and see what needs doing, I've thought about putting the body in storage whilst working on the chassis but really don't want the body shell out of sight, I'm getting attached to it all ready !! One option for me could be to make four "A" frame posts out of wood, one at each corner of the body with a beam across each one for the body to rest on at almost roof level in the garage which should hopefully give me enough room to work on the chassis underneath and allowing me to roll it in and out of the garage sunshine permitting. I shall have to have a chat with my carpenter brother Steve to see if this will work (and if he has any spare wood ?).
Still can't believe Ive finally got one of these cars and have been looking at some you-tube clips of some Marcos in action and do they sound lovely !

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