It's off !!!

Body off time and got to say i was slightly worried !!!

Waited for a gap in the clouds and finally wheeled the Marcos out of the garage and as planned my assistant mechanics duly arrived who i must say a big thank you to, Steve Colin and Connor, without them this would not have been possible.

We got the car on axle stands as high as possible and with two of us over the rear wheel arches and two just ahead of the door hinges we started by lifting at the rear of the car and trying to pull it up and backwards so the footwells could clear the chassis, no it would not budge....few minutes rest and to ponder and onwards deciding that the rear end needed to go higher to get the right angle.

Try again and despite the creaking and groaning (car not us) we lifted the rear end at almost a 45 degree angle to enable the front footwells to hinge downwards to clear the lower footwell chassis rails and then each taking a corner we slowly edged backwards to finally clear the chassis.

A few minutes to relax, a few photo's then back to work, each of us again taking a corner and up it went again, we walked straight into the garage and onto two wooden joists suspended from the garage ceiling.

Job done and no cracked windscreen.........phew.........

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