Decisions Decisions

Just back from sunny Scotland on my annual cycling trip doing the Coast & Castles route so I have had a week away from the garage.

As the Chassis is almost finished now I have been giving extra thought to its protection against our British climate, not that it will be out much in the winter months anyway. I have briefly spoken to Marcos Heritage and really are struggling to make up my mind as to whether to go for their Hot-dip Galvanising or the Multi-Stage immersion option offered by Surface Processing, I do really need to make a decision soon but as there are advantages to either option it is proving difficult for me to make up my mind.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will do a trial fit of the main body to make sure it sits okay and then I need to make a further major decision on the various available engine options that has also been on my mind for some time. Catch 22, I can't get the chassis treated until I decide which engine route I am taking even though any prospect of getting a engine to sit in its resting place is some time (and $$$) away. So do I go for the usual Rover route and uprate the existing block I have or be temped by the more powerful engines as fitted by some other owners, leave it with me to ponder.

Martyn 18/10/2008.
P.S. Found a great photo on the www which just shows how low these cars are.

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