It Fits !!!

Made the most of a break in the weather today.

Got up, sun was out, so straight on the phone to my brother Steve who came round and between us we lifted the body from its temporary hanging place in the garage back out into the sunshine.

After a few moments thought of whether we could lift it between just the two of us we decided to go for it, we put the chassis onto axle stands on the driveway and taking a side each of the body tub we carefully lifted and manoeuvred the body back onto the chassis and after several months of cutting away and replacing old with new and the always back of my mind feeling of "will it or won't it fit", I was so pleased when it just dropped back into place, with only a slight hiccup when a axle stand was slightly stopping it from dropping fully home. Not only did it fit snugly but the body line up holes cut into the body at the rear where it houses the bolts for the trailing arms were also spot on, not bad if I say so myself considering how much of the rear end I have replaced.

I took the opportunity of taking a few more photographs from underneath that I was not sure about as I want to put in a couple more corner braces at the rear end and off again came the body and hung back in the garage so I can finish the last few chassis pieces and then get it treated.

Had a email yesterday from Eddie Stevenson (who now has a Ultima) who owned the Marcos from 1997 to 2004 and Eddie tells me he has found an old video in his loft from when he took the car to the annual club meeting at Curborough Sprint Circuit, and is going to send me a copy, I am really looking forward to this as I have never even seen or heard this car running, remember I bought it in need of a full rebuild, I really can't wait and if suitable will post it on youtube and put a link on here.

Still not made my mind up about the engine options, decisions decisions.


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Nick said...

So glad you're making progress - looks good so far, certainly a more thorough job than I was planning...
When Eddie had the car (and when I bought it from him), it had a single exhaust system, from where the headers joined it was a single 3" pipe with a single 3" cherry bomb as the tailpipe. It was extremely loud and sounded kinda wierd, a bit like a demented motorcycle on steroids!! The system I put on, being dual and having 2 boxes (albeit still straight thru'!) was a fraction quieter, and has more of the V8 rumble to it - still sounds different to your average Rover V8 motor tho'
Cheers, Nick