At last

At 7.11pm Tuesday 10th March 2009 I finally finished the chassis and are now having a beer to celebrate, I know it's took me absolutely ages to do but only really want to work on the Marcos when I want to and are not working to any time schedule.

The chassis is now sporting a few mods having done a lot of internet browsing recently regarding chassis stiffness and it's relevance to good handling paying particular attention to the rear end especially after a helpful conversation with Rory at Marcos Heritage, hopefully the few pounds in weight gained will be more than compensated for by the improved handling, we shall see ?

I have decided against galvanising as an option of protecting the chassis, even though this would have given excellent protection from our damp English climate the main reason I have decided against it is the extra weight gained as when a chassis is apparently dipped in the tank even with extra drain holes drilled in the chassis a lot of the liquid quickly turns solid and it is very easy for some of the chassis rails to become a solid piece of metal and can often double the total weight of a chassis, not good for a lightweight sports car such as the Marcos and especially this one being a lightweight track version, after all "Dpasrlow" is always quoting on the Marcos Forum "It`s not more power you need, it`s less weight and a few subtle mods !

I will make a some phone calls over the next few days to make enquiries re treatment and paint for the Chassis and weather permitting will also post some photo's,


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