Chassis booked in

After much deliberation the chassis is finally booked in next week with Redditch Shotblasting Co and have decided on a Zinc prime followed by a double top coat of a Polyester Powder Coating which should hopefully give me many years of (summer time use) protection. The company seem to have a good reputation having done a bit of browsing and are looking forward to seeing the finished result, a hire van is booked and roll on next week.

I now need to confirm the colour required, most Marcos chassis that I have seen have always been blue so unless I can think of any others between now and next week will be keeping to the same,


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Mike said...

I have been following your project with interest.
Good work on replacing/strengthening
the chassis.
Its a miracle that the old chassis was able to hold the V8 and the back wheels together.
Have you weighed the new chassis?