Hello to all

Since I started this blog around a year ago I have been amazed at how far around the world it has travelled with hits from many many different countries and cultures presumably all sharing a genuine interest in that great little now defunct British sports car company "Marcos". I was fortunate in speaking to Sir Jem Marsh a couple of months ago and he admitted he was from a pre-computer era and was not really that up to speed with all things www so he is probably not really aware of all the other Blogs/Web sites/Forums all keeping the name alive.

Anyway I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to say hello to visitors from, and apologise if I have missed anybody out and in no particular order,

All over the UK
Czech Republic
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand
but sadly none from the racing capital of the world (Isle of Man).

Please say hello next time you log on especially from overseas and tell me about your interest in Marcos cars,



Mike said...

Working in Japan means that there is little chance of seeing any Marcos on the road, except for the Mantula I drive past every day on the way to work. It is parked some 100 yards from the ocean and I often see the owner fiddling with his fuel pump (lucas right?). I believe his chassis is in need of serious repair so your details are extremely valuable.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Shizuoka Japan.

I own Marcos Mantula in Japan. (No, 8333)I knew your blog before by some kind of opportunities.
I have a look at your blog happily.

It is very difficult to own Mantula in Japan.
However, I can maintain it on the coattails of a superior mechanic and the staff of the Marcos heritage.

And I gave the overhaul of the engine so far and changed it for Kent Cam and changed suspension and brakes for an upgrading kit.

And it changes all the electric wirings now.

These were very difficult work.

I need time still more so that my Mantula becomes ideal.

I did not intend to process a chassis.
It is because it takes both time and the cost very much.

Therefore I feel you enviable.
And I wish your Mantula is completed.

Please do its best.

watch my Mantula here

I left in clumsy English....

Shosuke Takayama

Richard said...

Hi Martyn,

Not exactly overseas more like down the road. Just have to say that your blog was one of those that inspired me to create a blog of my own.

First one to get their car back on the road buys the drinks!

Keep up the good work.

Richard (aka TriumphWrench)

Pedro Martínez Díaz said...

Hi from Spain,

I've loved Marcos cars since I was a kid. I found your blog and follow your restoration with great interest. I've restored a much more humble car (a 1971 beetle http://pedromartinezdiaz.googlepages.com ) and enjoy it every day. It's a very nice feeling to drive a car built with your hands!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Just came across your site ...
Dont worry about the Isle of Man not having a Marcos registered there..I own the only Marcos on the island ..Its an 89 Mantula V8 ..and i can beat 95% of bikes over the mountain road on mad Sunday.....Not that i'm a good driver ..When set up correct she handles like a gokart..
The Marcos will live on lol...
Love your blogg .. Nice to see the Marcos flame still roaring ...
Stevie B...

Mac O'Brien said...

Hi, I have a Mantula that spent most of it's life in a showroom in Japan. I bought it at Fazzaz in Christchurch, New Zealand and it only had 800 miles on the clock. I love it! I have doubled it's milage and enjoyed every mile of it. She is racing red with the 3.9 litre Rover. I need to spend more time in her but winter has hit us hard. Roll next summer for some pure grunt touring. Cheers, Mac O'Brien.