Rear Suspension stripping

Inspired by the new shiny chassis sitting on axle stands in the garage today I spent a couple of hours stripping down parts of the rear suspension.
I now have a live rear axle less brakes and back plate and it is in need of rust removal before painting. I have previously considered getting it powder coated however for it to go into the oven after powder coating it would have needed the internals of the axle stripping and as it a "Limited Slip Diff" (ZF with 3.09:1 final drive apparantly) this strippping and resetting is way beyond me and is best left to the tech (lots of $$$) guys, the removal of the LSD diff would have been necessary as the heat from the oven would melt the seals etc so have decided as an alternative to get it shotblasted and primed only so that I can apply a coat of smart black paint myself.

Redditch Shotblasting have said they will take a look at it to see if they can mask it sufficently to keep the shot bits from going inside the axle before attempting it so fingers crossed, if any bits did go inside then potentially it could ruin the internals of a expensive and hard to find LSD differential.
I also have the trailing arms (4 metal tubes with a thread inside) which locate on each side of the axle and onto the rear of the chassis with adjustable tie rods, a Panhard Rod (stops the axle moving sideways) and a rear anti-roll bar for blasting and powdercoating, might go for a nice deep red here ?
Next on the list of stripping will be the shock absorbers and the pedal assemble box.

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