Money saved and soon spent again

Finally got my brakes/calipers/wheels hubs back !

In the end BG Developments decided that the discs I have did not need replacing as they have plenty of life left in them but did need skimming as the surfaces showed some pitting, this saved me some money however on further inspecting the Girling calipers they informed me that the pistons needed replacing which spent what money I was saving on the discs, ah well. New Mintex M1144 brake pads were also supplied at £111 +vat a set, gulp, so easy on the brakes then.

Yesterday I spent approx 4 hours trying to clean/scrape every last minute bit of muck from the Calipers, they were cleaned during reconditioning however as I intend to paint them with a bling bling gold metallic high temperature paint I wanted to get them as clean as possible, my fingers are now sore and cut but will be worth the effort. Also had a little bit of free time today so thought I would fit one of the hubs/discs onto the stub axle, new bearings went in okay, used plenty of grease, made sure it was all super clean and on it went like a glove onto the stub axle and low and behold I can't find either of the castle nuts to secure the hubs on. I have obviously put them somewhere safe, so safe in fact that I can't find them anywhere so have had to order some online delaying me for a few more days, roll on the postman,


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