A few photographs

Here's a few photographs now it's finally on it's wheels.

There's still some small jobs to do before I can move onto the next section such as fit the steering column, handbrake cable and copper brake pipes and fill the chassis with wayoyl. The holes pre drilled in the chassis to secure the brake pipes is 1/4" size which seems too big and did not really want to fit those cheapo plastic clips which break too easy. I have therefore bought some plated metal "P" clips and now need some nylon spacers to fit in the 1/4" holes so I can fit a smaller screw for a better look and more secure fitment.

Have you spotted the undeliberate error on the drivers side front wheel, this is the one I had a small leak repaired a couple of weeks ago and these tyres have a directional tread on them and yes the tyre fitter has put it back on the wheel the wrong way round so the tread grooves go towards the middle of the wheel and not the outside, not that it's going out in the rain but will get it turned round at a later date,


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