Steering column

Have made a start on cleaning up the steering column by separating all the connections and will use some fresh bolts to finish off when all painted up, I also need another 2 rod ends to secure the column to the chassis, I should have really ordered these when I bought the numerous other rod ends for the suspension but forgot about them at the time.

With today off work I will shortly be popping down my local tyre/wheel centre to get the wheels balanced and one of the tyres also has a slow air leak so will get that seen to as well. I think that I lost a couple of the lead balancing weights when I was cleaning up the inside of the wheels so need to get that done before I put it back on it's wheels.

Recently got back from a cycling trip to the Outer Hebrides and saw no Marcos on my travels but plenty of other touring cyclists also exploring the numerous Islands there, certainly recommend for the scenery,


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