On goes the body

Yesterday sun was out, day off work, many spare hands, so decided to refit the body tub, thought I would make a video of it using Louis's Creative Vado HD which is a mini video recorder no bigger than a mobile phone and really usefull for carrying in your pocket, should come in handy for this summer's cycle trip.

Fitting the body went on after a little persuasion, when I did the trial fit some months ago this was before I added the cross bracing and the rear end needs to drop further down by a half inch to locate the trailing arm bolts with the body but is being restricted by the cross bracing on the boot floor, the current plan is to use a dremel tool to cut three sides in the boot floor, raise the floor slightly and then glassfibre it back in and paint to finish, will leave that for another day,


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Anonymous said...

Very impressive mate.