Work resumes

Re-fitted the boot floor and decided it's got to come out again as I still think the rear end of the body-tub can drop further by another couple of mm. Decided on this after noting that there is a very slight gap between the original chassis rail at the very rear of the car (the one that the exhaust brackets hang off) and the recess in the boot floor that houses this rail, having seen other glassfibre cars with stress cracks in the gel-coat (no Marcos ones) I think it's important for the body to be well supported in all the appropriate places so will be a job worth doing.

When I've repaired the boot floor from the inside (for the second time) there is still the outside of the boot that will need smoothing off and repainting and whilst the 2 sides of the boot are hidden by a steel plate on each side and I won't actually be able to see the repaired area it will be on my mind if I know it's there and will only regret it later if I leave it so will have to lift the rear end up a couple of feet so I can get to it and again will need the help of my brother Steve for this (he doesn't know yet !)

I have a few days off next week so hopefully will get it sorted then,



Anonymous said...

yes i do know now i have read this...
just let me know when..

Martyn said...

Thanks Steve !,