Door glass

When I first bought the Marcos it came with two side mirrors that I was not really keen on, they were attached to each door by being bolted through the bottom of the perspex quarter lights and having removed them intending to refit some standard mirrors that fit to the door glass frame I was left with two small holes in each perspex piece.
After much searching I came across ThePlasticShop (0800 3213085) in Coventry and taking one of the pieces I had removed they sold me an off cut for £10 which is an almost colour match, for some reason in the photograph you can clearly see a colour difference however holding the new piece against the other glass in the car it is barely noticeable and certainly much better than leaving the two small bolt holes.
After some cutting to shape one side is now ready to be fitted and whilst this new perspex is slightly thicker by 1mm hopefully this won't be a problem when I refit it in its rubber surround,


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