Trial fit of radiator and new Exhaust Manifolds

Ordered a couple of sheets of steel which took a week to arrive, then took another week before I could get some spare time to get into the garage and now having made some brackets to fit the radiator I have to send them off to be powder coated to match the chassis which will take another couple of weeks, no wonder this project is taking so long.

Over several cups of coffee whilst wondering how best to fit the radiator I finally settled on making two "L" shaped brackets and bolting them to some existing mounts each side of the chassis, the previous radiator did not use these mounts and are not really sure what they were for as they sit at a unusual angle and certainly do not line up with the angle that the radiator sits, so after making cardboard templates and cutting and welding and much filing later and working exactly where the holes had to go I now have two unusually shaped but workable brackets that will sit at each side which hold the radiator securely in place, hence me wanting them in the same colour as the chassis to blend in. I may make some more brackets for the top of the radiator as per the original fitting but can wait until I fit the expansion tank which sits in the same area.

Arrived today earlier than expected was the exhaust manifolds that I ordered, in end the material used was 409 grade stainless steel as the company I used told me that whilst 304 grade was better they used different tools for the bending and could not get the tight bends in 304 material, saved me a few £££ anyway. I presume to fit these manifolds I will have to lift the car up high on axle stands to insert them from underneath the car, will look at that another day,


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