Purple wire mystery

Windscreen wipers now working, was going to trigger them via the stalk on the steering however have decided for ease of fitment to use the original dash rocker switch for on and off. It seems that my windscreen motor is not the usual Marcos fitted Lucas 14v as used on MG's and many other British cars and it does not appear to have a park switch. Another problem is that there is only one wiper on this car and having sat inside with the wipers on it is now aparant that the wipers do not cover a large area of the screen, probably would have been okay for it's original track days but not sure how suitable it will be for today's busy roads. I will keep the one wiper system at present and see how it is once on the road and see what the MOT man thinks.

Have been puzzled by the interior light not working as i could not get a "live" from the purple wire that the interior light connects too, after much thought and checking the purple wires at the fuse end I just could not understand why it was not live at the fitment end of the wire. After looking at the maze of the wiring diagram from a old manual it appeared that the purple live ran through some of the rocker switches and as I had removed some of the switches such as "heated rear screen" switch i had taped up the wires but in undoing the tape it was now clear that two purple wires needed connecting to continue the live feed through the circuit, result now happy, interior light works and another lesson learned.

Looking forward to screwing the dash back in place soon as I have had enough of looking at wiring and really want to tick the electrics off as another job done,


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Nick said...

Hey Martyn,
Never drove much in the rain, but found that the single wiper was perfectly adequate, and never had a problem with MOT time either.
Won't be long now eh?