Messing underneath

Got the front of the car up on ramps but it's still difficult to get under the car, how much easier could this rebuild have been if i had a double garage with decent lighting and heating and a 4 post lift.

Anyway back to the car, got a couple of days off work now so under the car I have been this morning and have managed to higher the central silencer by 2cm which i think should be enough, it still sits slightly lower than the seat floor bottoms but i won't be able to measure it until it is sitting 4 wheels back on the garage floor. Also whilst underneath i spotted a slight leak in the clutch system where the banjo bolt meets the slave cylinder, hopefully just needs a new copper washer so off now to my local hardware shop to see if they have one.

This week i treated myself to a GoPro HD2, the motorsport latest version. I have been looking at these for a while and with the new model just being released and a Amazon sale with £40 off i could not resist it, should come in handy for the Marcos club days and as its also waterproof to 60 metres it will be usefull on my next sunny Scotland cycling trip,

Happy new year....

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