Took the Marcos for my first ever drive a couple of days ago to my local MOT station, the tester had never even heard of the marque. I was very aprehensive driving it for the first time. It did not pass but to be honest for a complete nut and bolt rebuild it was always going to show up a couple of minor faults.

There was a slight front offside brake leak, the tester thought it was from the brake line fittings but on closer inspection back home i could see fluid was leaking from one of the caliper piston seals so a quick trip to BG Developments in Bromsgrove who rebuilt them and they changed the piston and seal in about 10 minutes flat, now sorted.

There is a nut missing from the handbrake assembly so need to get it up on ramps to sort that out, again very minor.

Any finally i now realise the battery is not powerfull enough and struggles to turn the engine over sufficently so i have bought a Varley redtop 60 which is the same width and length but a lot taller so are presently making the box it sits in deeper, should be fibreglassing it today and then it needs painting once cured so will be a couple of days before ready.

Hoping to get it back to the MOT station within the 10 days limit so i don't have to pay for a retest,


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