Suspension setting up

Drove the Marcos to my local garage today to get the suspension looked at as the wheel tracking and camber needed setting.

It certainly attracted a lot of attention at the garage and many questions were asked about it, i have been warned about this as they look like nothing else on the road, happy to chat all day about my pride and joy, like a dad with a new baby.

Anyway, tracking was set but with the time limits available they could not sort out the camber angle, due to the suspension being rose-jointed it's not a quick job although once done should prove more stable, 1 degree negative camber on the front appears to be the most suitable for road use.

I have booked the car in for next week when more time is available however on the www there are several camber/castor gauges that can be bought at less than the garage fee will be so will consider that option instead and do it myself, realise the tracking will have to be reset again afterwards.

Have a slight issue with the fuel/air mixture as the engine is popping/banging when driving so need to read up on the Carb settings, sounds like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang much to the suprise to two road workers painting fresh lines in the middle of the road as i passed them, sorry !


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