Misfire sorted

Have been plagued by a misfire for the past couple of weeks stopping me from using the car, whilst driving it did not feel smooth and there was popping and banging from the exhaust making both me and pedestrians jump.

After many phone calls and www searching for the symptoms I purchased a timing light and today I finally found the problem, number 7 & 8 leads were on the wrong way round, well they are next to each other on the coil packs ! and putting the the timing light sensor on each lead I found that number 8 was not showing any spark at all, put in a new spark plug and suddenly are cured, that simple I could kick myself.

Have just took the Marcos for a test run and wow it pulls like a train, very happy now.

I have a horrible squeal from the front brakes which are new so will look at that over the next few days and need to find a very flat surface so I can set up the tracking properly,

Glass of wine to celebrate,


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