Wheels back on

After a couple of delays the wheels are finally back on the car.

When I had the wheels powder coated they did pre warn me that there was a possibly that the heating process could cause a leak in the seal of the split rims but decided to go ahead anyway. Got the wheels back and off to the tyre fitters to have the new Avon tyres fitted and the first two tyres put on confirmed that air was leaking so we had to call it a day.

Following a couple of phone calls I was recommended to A1 Wheels in Wolverhampton who specialise in broken\refurbishment of alloy wheels. They took a look and suggested first trying a new sealant on the inside of the wheel, they did all 4 wheels for me after doing one and testing for leaks. I have put the wheels back on the car and so far 3 of the wheels are holding pressure but one is leaking so will have to return it to see what they can do, apparently the proper but expensive way to renovate Revolution Split rim wheels is to separate  the two sections, powder coat each part and then bolt back together but this is very time consuming and therefore expensive, fingers crossed this one wheel can be fixed without being taken apart.

Just taken the car for a short test drive and the steering feels out so will have to get that seen to again as running slightly different size tyres which I presume will affect the tracking and camber, another job for another day, just pleased to get behind the wheel again,


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