More paint

Just spoke to my painter and he tells me the main body and doors now have 3 top coats of paint and 3 layers of lacquer and apparently looks good. To finish he has to do the front bonnet and then start to reassemble the door inners and all the other bits we took off, I am looking forward to seeing the car for myself.

Have just received a new rubber windscreen seal from MHS (Marcos Heritage Spares) as the old one was looking a little tired, mine is the bonded in windscreen type so it did not need to come out for painting as the rubber seal covers the joint between the glass and paint.

Hopefully will try to get over next week to take a few photographs,

Slightly off topic is that I have had a unexpected and interesting last few days considering that I am currently in training for a Cycle event next May and probably the most fit I have ever been as I am running 3 times a week and lost half a stone I was rushed into hospital in the early hours Saturday morning and now feeling a little weak and tender.
I was woken in the middle of the night with the most awful pain in my upper stomach that just would not go and after two hours of crying like a baby and the pain getting worse I went to A&E, not the best time to arrive 3am with the place full of xmas party mishaps and drunken idiots, their red high heels matching their red blood soaked towels held to their heads, welcome to Great Britain 2012, with my job this is a regular sight for me so have become a little desensitised to it but certainly a eye opener for Kim, those Nurses and Doctors deserve medals for their patience in dealing with these people.
Anyway with the pain getting worse I was relieved by two doses of Morphine and apparently was out like a light (good stuff that !), I then threw up whilst having a x-ray and then put on a theatre ward not really knowing what's wrong.
Nothing has shown up on the x-ray so will need a scan and a camera inserted and thinking it may be a ulcer but shall have to wait to find out, they did want to keep me in for a couple more days but I just wanted to get home and back to normal, I might have to give the exercise a miss for a week or two as still very tender in the stomach.

The cycle trip in May is Solihull to Paris with 22 friends from work over 4 days, 100 miles a day which sounds a lot but we are not carrying anything on our bikes as we have a support crew who are coming along for the jolly.

We are raising funds for HelpHarryHelpOthers who is a young local lad Harry Moseley who passed away in October 2011, you can read his story by clicking on this link.

Happy (and healthy) Christmas to everybody,


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