Fresh air

Well I have bought a recommended bilge blower 3" size usually used for ventilation on boats which will sit under the bonnet bolted to the passenger inner wing. Going to use 2" hose ducting using some shrink reducers from Europa Spares to adjust the ducting size from the blower, the fresh cool air will be drawn from the front of the car where the spotlights normally sit.

The ducting will lead to two eyeball vents which will exit fresh air under the dash into the footwells, I was going to fit two vents on the dash top as well but lack of room in that area restricts this, I think two vents in the footwell will keep me cool as we sit in these cars quite low.

What I am stuck on is a "Y" piece in 2" size to split the hose ducting into two, i have searched the usual online places but no luck in finding any in this size,

Any suggestions where i can find one ?



Nick said...

You mean like this - or this


Martyn said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the info, yes that's exactly what i need,