Air filter

Seasons Greetings to everybody..........

Not much chance to drive the Marcos recently due to the lousy weather but hoping for a little sunshine on Christmas Day as i am working in the morning and need to get home quick for dinner so might take the Marcos out with me.

Never really been happy with the original air filter fitted as due to clearance problems it sat very close to the bonnet which must have restricted the air flow into the Edelbrock carb so after much www searching and measuring for clearance i have gone for a different set up which sits lovely in the bulge of the bonnet, i am also going to take out the choke as i never use it and again this is supposed to give a slightly better airflow.

Here is a photograph of the new filter in place which will also give me cool air from the front of the car as there is plenty of airflow coming over the top of the radiator into the engine bay, i have not had chance to drive the Marcos yet with this set up and are now looking at different engine tuners who are familiar with the Rover V8 and Megajolt system to get the best set up, the carb rods may need changing too so lots of reading up to do especially on this page as the writer seems to know what he is talking about.


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