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Welcome to my Blog, or Rather my new "car" blog.........

It has to be at least 25 years since i saw a Marcos for the first time and immediately fell in love with the marque however with family and houses etc taking priority i could never quite justify the expense of ever actually buying one and having owned a MG Midget for the past 25 years this satisfied my "car" needs of having something other than the usual euro box.

Fast forward to March 2008 and purely by chance I saw a Marcos in bits offered for sale on the very addictive E'bay and having got the prior approval of the good lady i waited and waited until the very last minute of the auction and "won" right on the price limit i had set myself, excited ? you bet I am !!!

Roll on Tuesday, i have a trailer hired, my brother Steve has kindly loaned me his car (with tow-bar) and off i go to Kent to collect her,

What shall i call her ?,
How much restoration work does she need ?
How much will it cost me ?
Can i do it all myself ?
Will it fit in my garage ?
What colour will it end up ?
How does it sound ?

It's going to be a bumpy ride at times but climb aboard and join me,


The above photograph is of the car when last on the road some 2 years ago.

P.P.S. Above photograph is of a previous project of mine, a Jago Geep.

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