Still Grinding

Not too much to report this month other than still grinding away in the garage and replacing old with new and are happy to have replaced the crucial lower rail that runs parallel behind the seats that appears to hold everything all square. I have done the measurement's and everything is as it should be. I still have some cutting out to do and as I am doing more than originally planned I need to order some more metal.
A couple of the 3/4 inch box size sections on the rear I have replaced with the larger 1½ inch size and yesterday I did a temporary refit of the axle to ensure this larger size would not foul the propshaft and axle, seems to be okay. I still have the seat belt mounting to put back on along with some corner bracing but again need to order some steel to cut to size, roll on payday !!!

We also managed to get our summer holiday in this month in not so sunny Braunton, North Devon and have just dried out, definitely would not have been Marcos weather,



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