Busy day

Started on the rear end today and I am now aching after a full day in the garage.

Decided that the main lower chassis rail that runs parallel behind both seats is in need of replacing, I did ponder on just part replacing this rail by cutting out the outer sections of it just outside of the transmission tunnel area and welding in a new section each side which would have saved me having to make a recess for the propshaft and handbrake cable attachment and more importantly worrying about all the other chassis sections that attach to this rail and keep the rear end all square.

After much thought and coffee, the main concern being stopping it moving out of shape once I start chopping bits out, (albeit one at a time) I decided make up a temporary brace which runs across the width of the car and also to the rear keeping it all in place. I did notice that when the chassis sits on the ground the rear section raises slightly at an angle and it is this angle that I also need to keep exact otherwise when the body is replaced the holes for the axle trailing arms will not line up properly.
Spent the rest of the day making the rails ready to fit hopefully next week and remembered that the halfmoon recess for the propshaft in the rail behind the seats does not actually line up with the propshaft when fitted. Having looked at the Atlas axle that I have and done some measurements the propshaft is not central to the middle of the axle and have therefore made a halfmoon cut out of the rail slightly on the drivers side for a better fit, I can only assume that with the factory offering various different running gear options they did a "one size fit all". Other slight differences I have spotted whilst browsing the many photographs on the www are that one chassis photograph I was studying did not have a supporting rail next to the Panhard Rod and mine also has some extra bracing panels that run the length of the transmission tunnel.

I made some more enquiries a couple of weeks ago with Surface Processing who fortunately are quite local to me and have provisionally booked it in for the first week in January (their choice not mine) as they have a several month waiting list, this will give me ample time to finish all the metalwork required and also do a temporary refit of the bodyshell to make sure it sits as it should.

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