Still Welding !!!

This manual work sure is tiring !

I had the day off today so spent 5 hours in the garage and are still cutting out sections of the chassis and making new rails to fit. I have also ordered some more box steel, 28ft to be precise and fingers crossed it should arrive tomorrow, it took me several phone calls to eventually find a supplier that still does imperial sizes, the tubing being 1½ inch Sq (can you find the ½ key on your computer ? it took me ages ) so are relieved that I can carry on replacing old with new.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, time permitting I shall have completed both sides and then I can start to look at the rear end which also needs some cutting out, I will post some pictures soon once I have replaced most sections.

Here is a photograph of our new garden ornament, yes I know it's a Marcos Bonnet but it does look lovely and has more curves than a curvy thing. There just isn't room in the garage at present and I can't get it in the loft with all the other bits so when I am sitting in the garden it reminds me there's important work to be done inside.

If you are wondering why on the bonnet there there is a small square section missing, Nicholas the previous owner cut it out as one of the carburetters was touching on the bodywork with the intention of glassing in an extra air vent which would allow a little more room underneath, he never quite got round to finishing it so when I collected the car he gave me the original piece he cut out and also a extra vent, once glassed back in and painted it will be unnoticeable, I do recall that when I removed the engine there were several spacers (big washers) already on the engine mounts so with a few less of these spacers hopefully I can make it sit slightly lower and I can then put the original piece back in.


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Anonymous said...

Glad you're making progress!! For the record - wasn't me that cut a stupid hole in the bonnet - I would have engineered the carb mount correctly so that it cleared! Think it was the guy before me did that...
Oh, and these folks are where I got the other steel from - they have a branch near you too.