Marcos Sales/Order form

After much searching on the web and chatting to other Marcos owners, Steve (OldNoccer) as he is known on the Marcos Forum who I finally met the weekend at Cosford sent me the attached copy from an old Marcos Brochure and interestingly details the "Competition Model" which mine apparently is, the only thing it does not mention is that the body-tub is made out of woven glass mat to save weight, it makes interesting reading even with the spelling mistakes and although it is not dated it is presumed to be between 1986 when the Mantula Spyder was introduced up to the late 80's. I also found this rear shot photograph of my car on the web, not sure who took the photo, but obviously another Marcos owner.
I was going to spend an evening in the garage tonight but was reminded by Mrs P of the noise so will have to wait till the weekend,


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