Not a lot

Not a lot going on as I am waiting for bits from both the powder coaters and chrome platers.
I was hoping to spend a day in the garage over the weekend especially with the bonus of a bank holiday and a extra day off work but hopefully in a couple of weeks I can start putting some bits back together.

Whilst I have the benefit of my Marcos being fully rose jointed both front and rear to allow for precise setting up of the suspension it has approx 20 of various sizes on the car in total and I was a little shocked at the prices of these individual items. Sure there are plenty of cheaper ones on various online websites such as Ebay and all claiming to be hi-spec but I am very wary of going cheapo especially with the enormous torque that the 5.0 V8 is going to put on the rear end of the car. I will have to save up and invest in some decent units that will last the distance and try to get a buy in bulk deal from a specialised race supplier.


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