Pedal box done

Finished the pedal box today and will now put it on the Marcos safely out of the way and I can clear the work bench and move onto the next item.

Really pleased with the finish especially after much searching around for zinc plated UNF bolts/nuts. The last time I restored a car about 8 years ago I had no problems getting hold of nuts and bolts to fit however it seems the traditional ironmongers in every town are slowly dissapearing with our culture of throwing broken things away and replacing with new and I had several dissapointed visits trying to get hold of the sizes I need. Fortunately The day was saved by David Manners spares in Oldbury who do bits for MG's, Moggies, Jags and Triumphs and they sell a bag of 500 assorted plated UNF items for £12.50 + vat, seemed a bargain to me and should be more than plenty for my needs.

I need to set up the balance bar, not sure if all Marcos models had one of these, basically both the front and rear brakes has it's own master cylinder and by adjusting the screw in the pedal box the brake balance front and rear can be adjusted accordingly, a job for the future.

P.S. Do you like my slate floor ? another DIY project !

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