Front suspension and brakes

Just waiting for a few small parts to finish off the rear suspension so I thought I would make a start on the front end.

The chromed suspension arms look lovely and will look really smart once all the other bits are cleaned up to match. I have only put them on loose at present and this will give me something to pull against for when I remove the brake discs and bearings. The front brakes are very dirty 4 Pot Girling calipers with 10" discs (rear drums are 9") and will need to order some new vented/drilled discs once I have removed and identified them, this is half the fun (or frustration !) with Marcos cars in that they they used bits from a wide source and seemed to change the spec as they went along so usually each car is unique in some way. I did read somewhere recently that some Mantula's have servo's and this may have been a factory option or later added by owners ?, this one does not but are guessing that as it was originally a track car the braking system should be big enough for such a light car and well up to par for normal road usage, we shall see !

P.S. Now't to do with Marcos cars but just as noisy !!

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