Fitting gearbox and exhaust

Have fitted the gearbox in place however slight hiccup in that the extra rail I put in just below the bulkhead area is very slightly fouling against the top of the bell housing and whilst with some adjustment could probably get away with it I am guessing that with the engine running it may vibrate against this rail so I have decided to remove it. Also in fitting the exhaust system to the car the extra cross bracing on the floor at the rear means that the exhaust will now have to sit about 1 inch lower than previously and will have to make some extra brackets to fit. It will be interesting to see how the exhaust will now sit at the rear in relation to the bodywork in that there may be too large a gap between the tail pipes and the bottom of the bodywork and spoil the appearance, one solution for this would be to make and fit a rear diffuser to bridge the gap, another job for another day.

"Speed Bump" roads are going to be a certain "no no" with this car,


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