Gearbox and Exhaust system

Been trying to make a bit more room in the garage ready for the "body on" so separated the gearbox from the old engine I have and after speaking to Nicholas he assures me it was all in good working order when last used so have gone for a clean up/repaint and a oil change and will see how it goes. I plan to put it on the car less engine (not yet built up) to give me a little bit more floor space in the garage and likewise the one piece exhaust system. Having looked through some old paperwork that came with the car it shows that the exhaust was purpose built for the car in May 2005, the paperwork does not say who made it but does confirm the cost of £470. I have spent a few hours with a grinder and having removed the surface rust find it to be rock solid with no wear showing and should be good for some years yet, today I gave it a couple of coats of heat resistant paint and with the quad 3" chrome tail pipes will certainly look (and sound) the biz.


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Nick said...

Hi Martyn,

The exhaust was made by Pipecraft in Dagenham Essex.

The headers came with the car as I got it from Ed, so don't know of their origin. I doubt that the headers are saveable, as they have already been repaired a couple of times - if I was to do it, I would think about getting a more normal flange joint between the headers and the system to aid removal, but thinking about ground clearance, a replica of what you have may be the way to go.
Keep up the good work :)