Seasons Greetings

Managed to spend a few hours in the garage over the past couple of days but as it's been very cold here (not much snow compared to some parts of the country) I have concentrated on a few of the smaller repairs underneath the body with some Isopon P40 and then rubbing down in preparation for a coat of paint, It looks a lot better now although I now have a garage full of dust (Yes Mom I was wearing a mask) and a even more dusty motorbike to clean. I do have some glassfibre work to do from inside the car mainly around the tunnel area where it's cracked and the seat floor where it is very flexible but as it's too cold and still suspended from the garage roof I will wait until it is lowered onto the chassis and a little warmer as recommended for when laying fibreglass. I was also planning on cutting and fixing the 2 metre sq of Heatmat that I bought for the inner footwell and bulkhead area but again was concerned with the temperature being too low for the adhesive to set so will wait for a few days. Have decided once the body is lowered I can sort out the garage with a better access door and also put in a radiator.

Meanwhile Chris (Red Mantula) has loaned me a few old Club Magazines and was pleased to find in issue number 78 of spring 1998 a feature on my car, makes for interesting reading,


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