More underneath stuff

Been busy over the last few days making progress with the repairs underneath and have also made a start on fitting the "Heatmat". The inner rear wings where the panel that sits directly above the rear wheel meets up with the inner wing now look a lot better as I have simply filled in the untidy gaps with Isopon P40 and smoothed it off and also repaired several small holes on the seat floor area by first laying some fibreglass strips on the inside of the seat floor to give it strength and when dry smoothing over with some more filler from the underside and it's all ready for painting now. The prop shaft tunnel has also been done by first making a flat section of glass fibre from a cardboard template and then fitting in place and finishing off by laying a couple of strips over the tunnel area to make it stronger. There was also a 5 inch circular hole that had been cut in the outer side of the passenger foot well for some reason unknown to me so I have again fibre glassed it in (all good practice) and now need to order some black paint specifically for glass fibre tomorrow.

Had some fun with the Heatmat and glue, the instructions state you only get one chance to place it in place, I can confirm that !!

Looking forward to getting some paint on underneath so I can finally fit body to chassis and will be able to walk into the garage without constantly banging my head every time I try to get to the workbench, dreaming of a heated double garage, one day !!



st.lete said...

Excellent project

Nick said...

Hi Martyn,

More good progress I see :)

There was a shaped block of wood under the tunnel (where you've put the shaped flat piece of fiberglass, I presume to add further strength in that area where you may want to lean (I know I put some weight on that area of the tunnel whilst crawling around doing various bits of work. So you may want to consider glassing something similar back in there too for additional support.

Keep up the good work, and Happy New Year :)