Nothing done !

Been really busy last couple of weeks but none of it on the Marcos !

Almost finished completely re decorating my mother in law's new apartment just down the road and pleased to report that on the Marcos front for the first time in 2 years I can actually walk around the car whilst it's in the garage, so what you may ask ? but when you are trying to rebuild a car from scratch and you have to move pushbikes, motorbikes, lawnmowers and all the other stuff out of the way to even get to the car sometimes it's a real effort to even do that. I have achieved this by finally having a decent size shed put up in the garden so out from the garage went all the gardening stuff and regretably after much thinking I have sold my motorbike as it just was not being used enough and on the plus side once again classic car/bike ownership proved a winner as after 4 years of ownership I sold it at a profit, try doing that with a modern car, the money will go towards some big valve heads to match the 5.0 block I have, it's going to be a monster !!

Bye !

To complete the garage makeover I will shortly be having fitted a fire door from the kitchen to the garage so I can simply walk straight in from the house to admire the curves (the Marcos not the wife) and after getting the walls plastered and painted I will install some cool downlights and perhaps a few canvas prints as well to adorn the walls, Marcos related ones of course and I especially like this cheeky one !!

There is a big Marcos meeting this weekend at Bradford on Avon to celebrate Jem Marsh 80th Birthday on the 15th April and part of the celebrations are that the local Museum is having a display all things Marcos for 3 weeks, unfortunately due to work commitments I cannot attend however there is a Marcos & Morgan joint event on the 15th May (my birthday) at the Ace Cafe in London and will certainly be there for that event. 

Hopefully I can get back to work on the Marcos now,


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