Doors and stuff

Have been working on several small jobs that seem to be taking up all my free time at present.

The doors are now fitted although not really happy with the gaps and will have to play with the adjustments, I have got the doors to close on the locks however they need more adjustment for the doors to be flush with the wings, I have adjusted the catch plate inwards as far as they go and there may be some adjustment I can do with the lock assembly on the door itself however to get to the nuts holding the lock in place is almost impossible with the window channel blocking any access, will leave that for another day.  

I have glassed in the holes for the rear lights using a gel top coat and at some stage will start to look at fitting the replacement round style lights I bought last year.

The area around the rear parcel shelf where the boot lid hinge's sit was quite untidy and the brackets were held in place by rivets so have removed them to be cleaned up and painted.

And finally before I refit the fuel tank I need to tidy up around the filler neck, although you can only see this area when the bootlid is open it really is not a pretty sight and really awkward to get to and can't really see how I could have smoothed this area out so decided to cut it out, repair the cut out section and then put back in place by being glassed in from the inside of the fuel neck, well that's the plan anyway, we shall see.

Also did try to refit the 2 side pieces of trim that run along the lower length of the bodywork, made a couple of repairs to cracks in them but they actually fit to the body by screws vertically into the outer chassis rails, problem being the car is so low I cannot get a drill underneath and will have to try to lift the car high enough one side at a time so I can get a drill into place.

Feel like a rest for a few days now,

P.S. Quite excited about a new set of two wheels I am about to order compliments of the "cycle to work" scheme (probably the only decent thing Gordon and his merry men have done) which saves me approx £250 on the cost, roll on the summer.......well worth a look.

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