Rear screen and Fuel Tank

Managed to screw down the body onto the chassis and its all sitting secure now, was easier than expected as I was a bit concerned that if the screw holes did not line up with the body and bulkhead chassis rail then I would have a right game getting a drill into the area behind the wooden frame that supports the dashboard, fortunately much to my relief it lined up perfectly, the same can't be said for the bonnet as the one side is sitting approx 1/2" higher on the passenger side where it sits on top of the wing. I do recall some time ago when working on the chassis that one of the front rails that the bonnet bolts onto was slightly higher on one side (bent) so having straightened it at the time I think this is why the bonnet is not now sitting level. To rectify I think that if I raise the mounting hole in the bonnet where the bolt passes through on the opposite corner (drivers side) this will level it out, another job for for another day.

Today I removed the rear screen which is perspex and is bolted in place and was sealed by some horrible black sealant that was quite messy in places, spent a couple of hours removing this sealant from the glass surround and screen taking care not to scratch the perspex, it is very light at 5lbs and wondered how this compares to a normal glass screen, having cleaned it up I have put it in the loft out of harms way as I assume that it is best left off until all the paint work is done and will propably now be easier to work on some of the repairs that need doing in that area and also when refitting the roll cage.

Whilst in the loft the fuel tank caught my eye and really there is no reason why this cannot be refitted now so I will do this shortly, I had a look at some of the paperwork passed to me with the car and note the fuel tank was replaced in July 2005 at a cost of £215, it is in alloy and presume it is a one off, did a few calculations and it has a capacity of 57 Litres, wonder how far that will get me, not very far probably !!



Nick said...

Hi Martyn,
I was never brave enough to remove the rear screen, that's why I left it for you :)
The fuel tank is indeed a one off to my specs - it's actually slightly larger than the stock Mantula steel item, baffled and with return pipes already welded on for if you want to run fuel injection.
With the engine that was in it, 30mog was easily achievable due to the light weight, but of course it all depends on how spirited your driving is!!
Take Care,

Martyn said...

Thanks for the info Nick, if you recall who made the fuel tank let me know as i'm sure the contact would come in handy for others, especially at £215 which was a good price at the time and being in Alloy so no rust problems to worry about.


Nick said...

Hi Martyn,

It was made by Allyfab in Derbyshire -