"Nice car"

Was hoping the postman was going to deliver the screws on order but all he could manage to deliver was a "nice car" comment as he wandered straight past today so thought I would give the Marcos a bit of a clean to inspect the paintwork, certainly looks okay on the photograph but close up there are so many dings and scratches and other blemishes that will need lots and lots of attention and the bonnet will need some more adjustment but will wait till everything is screwed down before I attempt this, also noticed when raising the bonnet from one side how much flex there is as I lift it, presuming this is due to the bonnet being of very thin material being a lightweight hence the extra flex, it seems easier if I actually lift the bonnet from the middle where the bulge is right ajacent to the windscreen but there is nowhere to grip onto and having seen on other track cars some small 3-4 approx 1" holes there for extra vents this could be a ideal place to be able to insert fingers to help lifting the bonnet easier and without straining from each side, another job for another day.


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Nick said...

I always found it lifted easier from one side than the other (can't remember which tho), just by putting your fingers under the horizontal gap where the catches are and the lightness of it meant that little effort was required, as long as you picked the right side! The flexing isn't an issue I don't think.
Looking good tho!!