More lights

Will get back to finishing the rear lights once I have given some more thought as to how best to secure the rear lenses to the bodywork and how far to recess them for the best look. I suddenly had a moment when I realised that I did not have reversing lights however on looking at various motoring forums covering Mot's it seems that if your car is fitted with reversing lights then it will be a MOT fail if they are not functioning properly however if there are no reversing lights fitted to the car then they do not form part of the MOT test, result !

Whilst pondering on how to finish the rear lights decided to have a look at the front, I have painted the pods the lights sit in, polished the chrome trims and fitted fresh clips. I can see that the perspex covers for the light units have aged over the years and there are several small scratches on both of them and rather than purchase new expensive ones will try to to remove the marks with some Autosol scratch remover which apparently is suitable for motorcycle visors and the like, should keep me busy over the next couple of evenings,


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