Roll cage

Seems the engine should be ready in a couple of weeks, holidays and all that !!

Sorted out a few items still in storage in the loft and next out to see daylight was the roll cage. Original thoughts were to have it either chrome plated but probably would be too expensive or powder coated the usual standard matt black however on looking closer it turns out it's made from 1/8" gauge aluminium tubing with large steel "U" shaped brackets which locks around the tubing and bolted to join the tubes together. Not sure if aluminium is normal material for a roll cage but suppose it makes it lighter and being quite thick tubing the strength is there ? Also got to wondering if this version of roll cage actually adds any stiffness to the chassis, others I have seen sit behind the seats only however this one as well as the protection behind the seats runs across the top of each door and across the top of the windscreen and bolted securely to the front of the chassis side rails.

So back to the colour, having recently polished the tube that holds the steering column that is also made from aluminium with a decent result I am thinking that the roll cage polished albeit with a bit of effort may compliment the silver colour of the Marcos so have made a start and removed the black paint with some wet and dry on a couple of the tubes and will see how they look once polished, it may or may not work but can always revert to having them painted if not happy with the result, watch this space,


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