Engine collected

Made the trip east yesterday to V8 Developments to collect the engine and relieved to get home in one piece, very nerve racking with the shiny new engine tied down in the trailer and trying to straighten out the corners on the "A" roads so that it did not tip onto it's side, and many thanks to brother Steve for helping me lift it from the trailer safely into the garage.


Whilst there I made a very brief video clip of the engine running on the dyno and it certainly sounded sweet, and whilst a lot of the (in fact most of it !) tech info was straight over my head I had discussed with Ray previously the the proposed use of the car and my £££ budget I was working too and basically left it to to him with his well known reputation in the engine business to build me a solid engine.

For you engine guru's out there the info I have copied from the engine build sheet but please don't ask me to explain any of it,

5.0V8 Cross bolted block
Balanced cast crank
Block bore size 94.04
Balanced steel Rods, I beam, length TVR500
Pistons, cast 4.2, size 94, balanced
Flywheel previously lightened
Cam Piper Stealth, LCA 110
Timing chain JP
Cylinder Heads, big valve Stage 3, PG91, type 3.9, chamber size 30, guides modified,
Valve train, standard pushrods, standard rockers
Compression, bore size 94.04, stroke 90, S volume 625.19, chamber 30, P/bore 30, compression ratio 10.5

The distributor and coil has been done away with the fitment of a Megajolt System and basically the engine has been run in albeit I need to sort out a air filter to suit but with not too much room under the bonnet I will have to measure the available space once the engine is fitted and choose one to fit, hope to get the engine in it's place in a couple of weeks,

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom xxx

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