Clutch bits

Saved myself a few £££ today as decided whilst the engine and gearbox were still seperate it would be a wise move to replace the clutch thrust bearing. On shopping around I found there were two types, one with a flat face and one curved, mine being the curved version. Most suppliers supply the unit compete with both the holder and bearing at a little of £50 however TVR Power of Coventry supply just the bearing at £16.44 which you just push onto the holder for a snug fit. Whilst there I had a sneaky look at the TVR's on the car park and lovely did they look !, I also purchased a clutch slave cylinder and compared the push rod I already have to a new one and found it not to have worn in length so did not need replacing.

Have just painted the engine mounts and need to order and fit a fuel line then hopefully I can make plans to hire a crane to lift the engine into place,


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