Engine mount sorted

Engine finally resting in it's place now, made a very slight adjustment to the locating hole in the offending engine mount and it fitted like a glove. Tightened up all the bolts including the gearbox to engine which I had loosed slightly, refitted the water pump assembly and bonnet and thought I would roll the Marcos out of the garage to give the floor a brush.

So Standing behind the Marcos to give it a push and NO it would not move an inch, is it in gear ? NO ! it's definitely in neutral, try again NO it still won't budge, oh no thinking something expensive is not right here, is the gearbox seized ? will the engine and gearbox have to come out ?. NO please NO......

Bending down and looking underneath the Marcos, well remember that lump of wood I had placed under one side of the engine to support it when I could only fit one mount, well it was still there wedged tight under the sump  !!!  relief , jacked it up, removed the wood and all was well again,


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