Radiator and other shiny stuff

Have taken both the front pulley from the crank and the water pump pulley in to be chromed for that bling effect and the bracket that supports the alternator and a couple of other under bonnet bits in to be powder coated black to match the pedal assembly, all should be ready in a couple of weeks, need to have a look at the alternator next to see if I can take it apart to give it the same treatment.

Today I visited Rad-Tec of Cannock which was not too far from me, after much thought about the existing radiator I have decided to get an alloy one made up which should be more efficient, Rad-Tec were recommended by other Marcos owners so confident they will do a decent job. I have gone for the same size core and to make the fitting of the pipes easier both the hose take-offs will be angled up slightly so that they are horizontal as the radiator sits at a slight angle when fitted, the under bonnet area is a close fit so will be losing approx 10mm from the top.


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