Exhaust Manifolds

In between cleaning up the Alternator which is now nice and shiny I have been making enquiries re some new exhaust manifolds, as per the recent photo the ones I have whilst having no holes in them are really past it and anyway far to rusty to sit in my shiny engine bay.

On doing a little reading up on the www for stainless steel pipes some aftermarket companies use 409 grade stainless steel however according to those in the know 304 grade whilst being a little more expensive has much better corrosion resistance, will also look better and last longer so will probably go for this option. Another item to sort is matching the size of the exhaust port holes, my original manifold sizes were 26mm wide by 33mm depth and having measured my new cylinder heads they are larger at 27mm wide by 37mm depth so I need to ensure that when I have the new manifolds made up the flanges will match this larger size, in the post today were some gaskets from V8 Developments which also match this larger size.

Hope to get the new manifolds ordered in the next few days as most companies are quoting several weeks to make them using my old ones as patterns,


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