Radiator in

Radiator now secure in place and just looking at various options for connecting the hoses, for the top hose I will probably use a polished alloy 38mm tube and some blue 90 and 135 degree silicon hoses each end. The bottom hose looks a absolute nightmare in that there appears to be so many twists and turns it needs to take to avoid the chassis, steering and suspension. I have read up on some tubing called "superflex" and need to make some enquiries to see if this will do the job rather than buy lots of different angles to join together.



Unknown said...

Been following this for a while, very informative. On the Flexihose, I would make sure it is smooth inside to prevent cavitation (just a thought).

Really nice Marcos, you must be proud.

Martyn said...

Thanks for the info Graham, I am just waiting to hear from someone re the Superflex, will check with them re the internals, waited 25+ years for a Marcos so keen to make a good one !