Coolant hoses

Haven't done much over the past few weeks, been really busy and a bout of Sinitis over xmas time meant I just could not make the effort to get back into the garage.

However have made a little progress over the past couple of days with the coolant hoses. I made the mistake when ordering the radiator in not specing the input and output sizes from the radiator and when collected realised they were 41mm whereas the engine sizes were 38mm. Having searched the web I came across Goodflex Rubber Company near Evesham, Worcs and a very helpful Mike who also runs Auto Adrenalin  who soon sorted me out some nice blue silicone hose with a step in size at each end.

Just returned from work and rushed into the garage to fit them and are pleased to find the angles and lengths are fine with a little trimming. I have read up that several Marcos owners have had problems with the fan belt and or steering column catching on the hoses however for the bottom hose I have taken a slightly different route to the one that was fitted before on this car. Need to give some thought now to a expansion tank for the cooling system, might go for a shiny alloy one made to fit once I've had a chance to look at some other Marcos engine bay photo's on the www.

Whilst this is another job ticked off the list, there still seems many to do before I can start it's heart beating again including, fuel line fitting for which I need to raise the car to get underneath for this job, electrics as the loom is still just laid out loose in the car and engine bay, brake pipes in that I need to connect the copper tube to the flexi hose, refit Starter motor, refit Clutch cylinder, sort out the exhaust system, interior including dashboard and probably a 1001 other little jobs I haven't thought of yet,


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