Bits & Pieces

Sorted out the offending corner brace on the chassis that was blocking the fitting of the roll bar bolts by cutting it out, bit of a delicate job with the angle grinder as i did not want to scratch anything and not a lot off room to work on, all done now with a sigh of relief.

Looked at getting a few more bits from the loft and came across the inner wheel arches, noticed there was a cut out on one of them, wondering if it was cut out at some stage as if it was rubbing on the wheel, I certainly can't leave a unsightly hole there some have started on glassing it in, a bit tricky getting the curve right.

Rear lights are now refitted and sit even between the rear number plate and also the front indicator lights are now in place after repairing the fibreglass that they bolt onto.

Recently I met with a upholsterer whose work I have been impressed with and talked to him about some ideas for my interior, I know it would be easy enough to hand over the car and cheque book to Marcos Heritage but have a few little tweaks I want to include, nothing drastic but feel that I just want to add a few little touches that I have not seen before, all rather exciting but will keep this under wraps for the present time.


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